HowToPay QR Payments Powered by Ripple

Confidia AG (Switzerland) recently started working closely with Ripple also known for the XRP Crypto currency. Confidia intends to use the Ripple and XRP blockchain to speed up and reduce costs of payments to and from our clients.


Confidia will update our QR code system used for all our users in mobile apps and websites. Our QR Code will be based on a Ripple / XRP address that will use the power of the global XRP blockchain and payment network.


The reason for using the XRP currency is simple. No other Crypto currency is as fast stable and widely accepted in the finance and banking community. Unlike Bitcoin the average transaction takes just 3 seconds and at a cost of under 1 USD cent (USD $ 0.01). Bitcoin is not only slow, but the transaction costs are too large to support average small payments.


Most global Crypto Exchanges already accept and trade in XRP as such the number of active wallets is in excess of 60 million globally.


It’s expected that many Digital Wallet providers globally will convert to QR Codes powered by XRP in the coming year in order to make payments from different wallet providers more compatible.


Confidia clients using the “HowToPay” digital wallet app will be able to receive near instant top-ups and funds via XRP and be able to make payments to any other XRP address in the world. The XRP/Ripple community is fast growing and use of the blockchain is increasing. Clients don’t need to understand crypto currency as the entire process is seamless.


For example.. A non HowToPay client could send XRP to a Confidia client using the address or QR code. This would become instantly available to the client and available to be used for purchases and or withdrawal to a regular bank account.


As other Banks, Crypto Exchanges and Digital Wallets adapt to using the XRP system for payments this will create a global cross compatible universal payment system that is not only secure, fast but cheap for global exchange or money.


We live in very exciting times!