UPDATED: Connect your Website to our API

UPDATED: Connect your Website to our API

UPDATED: API for Payment Requests now available V1.3
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We are pleased to inform that the much-anticipated API to connect to us and send payment requests to your customers is now live.

 An API is a way for your website to connect to us to request we send a Payment Request to your clients. 

A business user only needs to login and they can see the API tab in the account.

From that page you can see Sample Code and Detailed Instructions to give your web Developer to connect to our API and automatically send Payment Request Emails.


For additional assistance please email our support team on support@howtopay.com

Basic Process flow is as follows:

1. Business user enterers detail via website or API to create Payment Request. 

2. Our Server creates a Reference Number and sends this back to the Business user. 

3. After this our system sends the details via email off to the Client. 

4. Client Makes payment via Online Banking. 

5. Within 24 hours the payment status of the Reference Number is updated to PAID

6. Business User Receives an email. 

7. Business User via API can check the status of any Payment Request Number automatically. 

8. Funds are then sent on to the business User automatically. 

The benefits are unlike Credit Card payments fraud is extremely low as users are paying either in cash or via online banking.

Download Documentation and Sample code here: 

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