HowToPay API 2.0 now available

HowToPay API 2.0 now available

New API 2.0 for HowToPay 2021
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We are pleased to inform after months of work our new API 2.0 is being released on 20.01.2021
Included in this release we will hand back a payment URL to the merchant so you can display payment details instantly to clients on your website.



With API V2, we made major changes for requests, responses and notifications.

  • API requests made more secure with signature validations
  • Improved end point for payment requests
  • Improved end point for check transaction status
  • Improved call back notifications
  • New notification url parameter to receive transaction changes
  • New API end points
    • Customer payout end point
    • Refund end point.
    • Single Transaction history end point
  • New direct payment links and sends in response to merchant
  • QR code for payment requests for wallet payments


Documentation of the new API can be found here:

For support email: [email protected]


This operates in a similar way to PayPal that it will open in a new page and client can complete the payment details without needing the email. While we still as a backup send the details and receipt on email to the client now they will get the information directly while still on your website.


Please note the current API will continue to operate and is not effected by the release of the new 2.0 API.


A number of other features have been added as was requested by our clients. Full details including sample scripts are available from within your online dashboard when you login to


Additional WordPress / WooCommerce plugins are now also available.


Additional QR Code payments so our 1.6 million existing Digital wallet mobile clients will be able to make instant payments from wallet balances. 

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