No Credit Cards Required

No Credit Cards Required

Fully Automated Online Shop now available
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We are very excited to announce that we have now completed a template shop that is available to all our Merchants for free.


All Australians have access to BPAY from online banking and it is the safest way to make payments for Australian consumers. The risks and rules involved in Credit Card transactions have made BPAY the secure choice for Merchants and Customers alike.


This is an example of an online shop fully integrated using our API for accepting Payment via BPAY with no need for Credit Card processing. We can now assist use this site as a template for nay merchant that wants to sell safely in Australia without the need for any Credit Card risk.


The process is very simple:

1.      Client shops on your site and then checks out.

2.      Clients order is placed in Pending Payment Status

3.      Email is sent to the client with BPAY and PostBillPay details in order to complete purchase.

4.      Client Makes payment and this then overnight updates the status of the order to PAID

5.      BPAY money is released to merchants Australian bank account 48 hours after being paid. Subject to it being a business day.


We have made it possible for you to be up and going with an online shop for your business in as soon as 1 business day. No need for taking the risks related to Credit Cards and having to deal with the banks rules and unfair policies relating to Credit Card chargebacks etc.


Fraud Risk is greatly reduced and at no time is a credit card or banking information provided by the customer to the merchant allowing for a safer and trusting experience.


If you would like us to help you get your shop online please contact

** Note only Australian clients with Australian Bank accounts are able to make BPAY payments. BPAY is available from all Australian Bank customers with Phone and Internet banking. 

For info about how BPAY works see:

UPDATE: Now including POLi 

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