Easy Payments with BPAY

Easy Payments with BPAY

Your Business needs to accept BPAY in Australia
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BPAY is the leading way that Australians pay for Bills. The reason is that its safe and it does not require Customers to hand over sensitive Credit Card information to unknown persons on the internet. The customer feels completely in control and the Merchant receiving the funds without fear of Chargebacks. HowToPay offers this service for Free per month and only charges a small fee for every payment you receive.


With an ageing population in Australia more and more merchants have seen that customers prefer to remain in control and push money to a Merchant rather than having strangers be able to take money at any time that may not be convenient.


Customers in Australia are already confident with using internet banking from either Mobile or Computer to be able to pay bills with BPAY.

HowToPay has made it easy for all businesses to be able to receive payments via BPAY. Merchants login or use our API to send a Payment Request email to customers. This includes the information needed for the customer to pay via either BPAY.


Accepting payments by credit card for merchants comes with risks. For customers giving out Credit Card info to strangers creates another barrier to sales and online sale abandonment.


Australian customers are more confident dealing with a merchant that accepts local BPAY payments. Its safe secure and does not require them to give out sensitive financial information.


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