How To Pay now accepting local Cheque and Money Orders

How To Pay now accepting local Cheque and Money Orders

How To Pay now accepting local Cheque and Money Orders
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Did you know that Cheques, Money Orders and Over the counter Cash payments still account for more than 60% of all utility bill payments?


When you are a local business you can use the local payment options of that country. Unfortunately, if you are not locally based you can’t accept local Cash and Cheque payments.


With aging populations, it’s become clear that moving payments fully online is simply not going to happen as soon as most believed. Older customers still feel more secure in posting a cheque than giving a stranger over the phone or internet their credit card details.


How To Pay has a unique solution currently being rolled out globally.

As from today all business users sending Payment Requests to clients in Australia will now have the additional option of accepting a local Cheque or Money Order.


The process is simple:

1.  Business User sends normal Payment Request to the client.

2.  Client prints the payment request puts it in an envelope.

3.  Client writes out a cheque or gets a Money Order from the post office.

4.  Client posts it to the GPO Box for next day processing.

5.  Our staff process the payment and deposit the cheque same day.

6.  Business User is informed of received payment.

7.  Client gets an email to confirm the cheque was received.

8.  Business User receives the funds as normal.


We are currently offering this service in Australia first. However we will soon announce payments for:

·        UK

·        USA

·        Europe

·        Singapore

·        Thailand

·        Hong Kong

·        New Zealand

·        And many more….


Very soon you too can accept safe secure payments like a local in multiple countries around the world.


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