Confidia AG owner of the HowToPay Trademark and brand.

Confidia AG owner of the HowToPay Trademark and brand.

HowToPay by Confidia AG Switzerland
HowToPay HowToPay

Confidia is a Payment Service Provider (PSP) focused on the alternatives payment industry. We have offices throughout the world, servicing over 1.8 million clients. Confidia is now expanding its offerings and includes additional services like a state-of-the-art digital wallet mobile phone applications. 

Confidia AG Purchased and trademark in 2019. 

The company began in Australia 20 years ago. Currently, Australia contributes the highest revenue and profit stream to the group via payment processing and billing solutions. The Australian company is Confidia Pty. Ltd. and is fully AUSTRAC registered. All Australian clients provide a government-issued photo ID and are cross-checked against “GreenID” as required by our KYC AML policy. 

Confidia AG (the parent company), based in Zug, Switzerland, is a 50-year-old regulated financial institution (Swiss Trust ). This is the cornerstone of our European payment processing business.  Many of the Group companies will be adopting the Confidia name over time. This region has only recently started to provide revenues.

The Group is relatively early with its development in the UK. It provides a slightly larger contribution than Europe right now via local UK payment processing. It is intended in 2021 that it will be upgraded to an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) to expand further on our offering to UK clients. 

In the US, the group has two Money Service Business licenses and two offices. North America is the second-largest contributor to profits, behind Australia. In the US, we work with several different independent businesses, but they will all soon be grouped under the Confidia Global LLC USA umbrella.

Richard Cohen, our  Chief Investment Officer, relocated to the US’s fintech capital in Atlanta, GA and a senior fintech professional will soon be joining full time in the Zug, Switzerland office. The US will also build up its help desk functions and call centre to better assist local clients making payments and to monitor our KYC / AML program. 

Bangkok, Thailand, is the largest Confidia office, with an extensive help desk and five senior managers, including the Group Founder and  CEO (Mr Cameron McKean) and our corporate in-house legal counsel. In Thailand, Confidia operates under the “Board of Investment” (BOI) scheme, a program instituted by the Thai government to encourage cutting-edge high technology companies to establish in Thailand. Thailand is the company’s main back-office processing centre and management hub. Thus, although Bangkok and all other subsidiaries are technically owned by the Swiss entity, many essential functions are carried out by these subsidiary companies.

Confidia is in discussions to open a representative office in Japan perhaps before in 2021. We are also looking at acquisitions and establishing offices elsewhere in Australasia, including New Zealand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and India. Confidia already contracts with a dedicated twenty-plus person development team out of Sri Lanka. Leveraging the US, expansion is planned into the Caribbean, Central America and South America. Confidia is at the early stages of its expansion into the African continent, with a few key relationships already underway.

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