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Should you have any difficulties with your credit transfers or need to contact us please email this email has a 24/7 team monitoring it and are able to assist with questions relating to your wallet and payment request.

Global Telephone Numbers: 

Australia Freecall: 1800 799 904

Canada: 143 7370 1829

New Zealand: 64 9950 9197

Thailand: 66 2107 1049

United Kingdom: 44 203 582 0776

USA Toll Free: 1 877-352-4547

We provide secure digital wallet solutions to personal and business users. We can only assist you with user credits within the digital wallet and questions relating to our website and services. 

The contact details for the business account was sent to you on the original email with subject "Payment Request" 

Please allow 3 working days after your transfer of credits to the business user to update the payment status. 

Live chat is also available from the icon on the homepage of our website