Direct Debit from Australian Bank Accounts

Direct Debit from Australian Bank Accounts

Direct Debit from Australian Bank Accounts
HowToPay HowToPay is pleased to announce the immediate release of our Direct Debit service to its Australian Merchants.

Direct Debit allows you to deduct funds (with your customer’s signed permission)  from an Australian Bank account and have it clear directly to your bank account within 3 working days. does not charge a percentage on the transaction amount like other Service Providers, just a small processing fee of just $2 per transaction. There are no other Application fees or monthly fees to pay.

The system is very simple:

  1. Login and Add Client to your account.

  2. Upload signed agreement.

  3. Process Direct Debit Request by completing the online form or uploading a bulk spreadsheet.

It’s that easy. We do all the rest of the work for you.

Our system is connected to all Australian Banks and is fully automated. We have been operating this service for a number of select clients for over 10 years.


In the coming weeks we will launch an additional service called “Payment Arrangements”.

This is designed to improve Cash Flow for Professional Service Businesses such as Lawyers and Accountants , making it more attractive for clients to make small automated monthly instalments , rather than being hit with one large Lump Sum Payment each year.

For example, a lawyer could agree to allow a client to pay an account in monthly instalments from their bank account under an automated Direct Debit agreement. Or an Accountant can offer services based on Monthly instalment billing , rather than one  large lump sum payment each year , to make it more attractive to clients.

Our system is fully automated and allows you to sit back and automatically receive funds into your bank account, rather than waiting for that elusive “Cheque in the mail”.

All existing Billers , with immediate effect ,  can now request a personalised Direct Debit Form which can be forwarded to your customers for signature.

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