Local Payments in the Netherlands

Local Payments in the Netherlands

iDEAL payments in the Netherlands
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HowToPay now offering iDEAL payments in the Netherlands.

iDEAL offers business users a real-time payment method (publicized as low-cost and virtually risk-free) to accept internet payments. For customers, iDEAL uses the same environment as their banks' online banking sites. A high level of security is realized by using two-factor authentication (2FA), such as a challenge-response access token based on the chip embedded in the debit card or ATM card.

Furthermore, no sensitive information is being shared with the business, such as credit card numbers. There is no chargeback right however, which can be considered a disadvantage for the consumer using this payment method. This is considered an advantage to the business user.[citation needed]


iDEAL works as follows:


Business offers iDEAL as payment method

Consumer selects iDEAL and selects their bank

Consumer is redirected to their bank's login page

Participating bank displays transaction data

Customer enters account number and signs the transaction digitally using a 2FA token

Bank authorizes transaction in real-time, deducting the amount directly from the consumer's account (if there is not enough balance, the transaction will be refused)

Business received real-time confirmation of the payment by the bank

Consumer is redirected back to the business user's page with a confirmation that the payment has been successful


Currently more European Payment options for HowToPay Digital Mobile wallet top-ups are being added every month. SEPA and other such local options will soon be announced. 

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