Putting consumers back in control of payments

Putting consumers back in control of payments

HowToPay Digital Wallet Mobile App
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HowToPay now operates a Digital Wallet to complement our email and SMS-based Payment Request solutions.


By using the mobile app on either your iPhone or Android phone clients can make payments to global online business users.


Our mobile app and Payment Request solution is designed to put consumers back in control of the flow of their money.  Users currently  pay with credit cards giving out details to businesses and at that point the business is in control of not only personal data but the ability to take money at any time without permission. Our solution allows clients to make payments when they want to and never give payment information to any businesses. This gives the clients much more safety and control over who, how much, and when they make payments.


The key feature is that we understand it’s “Your Credit” and you have the right to decide if and when you make a payment.


Benefits of the mobile app are:

·       Ability to see all payments made

·       Ability to top-up balance prior to making payments

·       Receive refunds and credits from other users directly to the app

·       Transfer credits from one user to another using a QR code.

·       Make in-person payments using QR code

·       Access business POS services. (Business accounts only)

·       Send a Payment Request to any other user.

·       Accept or decline a Payment Request.


By using our digital wallet solution clients are back in control of their credits. No longer can businesses simply take money from a client any time they want without permission. Users can delay a payment or reject them. The clients are never at risk of the funds being taken away at any time. 


HowToPay…. Putting you back in control of your payments.


You can download and signup for our services free from our home page at www.howtopay.com



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