Simple Payment Request emails solution for BPAY

Simple Payment Request emails solution for BPAY

Simple Payment Request emails solution for BPAY in Australia
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HowToPay is pleased to announce its updated the online payment request system. This is for BPAY from any bank account (Also known as Bill Payment) in Australia. 

Now its easier than ever to send Payment requests to your clients to pay via BPAY.

Best yet you can apply online.

Simply fill out the form with the Name, Email and Amount you are requesting and our system does all the work for you and sends off the email with all the unique details for each request.

Basic Process flow is as follows:

1. Merchant enterers detail via website or API to create Payment Request. 

2. Our Server creates a Reference Number and sends this back to the Merchant. 

3. After this our system sends the details via email off to the Client. 

4. Client Makes payment via Online Banking. 

5. Within 24 hours the payment status of the Reference Number is updated to PAID

6. Merchant Receives an email. 

7. Merchant via API can check the status of any Payment Request Number automatically. 

8. Funds are then sent on to the merchant automatically. 

The benefits are unlike Credit Card payments fraud is extremely low as users are paying either in cash or via online banking.

Simply log into your free Merchant Account and fill out the form:


Your clients will receive an email like this:



 Clients log into Online Banking and see the "Pay a Bill" or BPAY option as below: 

Give it a try now and test it for yourself by sending yourself a Payment Request email they are free to send and cost you nothing if the customer does not use it.


UPDATE: We now support LIVE instant payments using POLi 


If you're not already a customer you can still sign up online for FREE.

Simply visit

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