The Payment Request process

The Payment Request process

How the Payment Request system works
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HowToPay operates a simple "Payment Request" system. This allows users to request payment from another wallet user using their email within our mobile app. Digital Wallet users like our system as it gives them easy and fast transactions. Local payment options on a global level allows them to benefit from our mobile apps and existing millions of users. 

How our system works:

Thanks to over 20 years of experience as a digital wallet, we have an advanced system that forces members to meet KYC obligations prior to giving out payment request information to other users. 

The "Payment Request" process:

1. Digital wallet business accounts using our API or website enters user details and payment request amount to our system.

2. User receives an email or mobile app notification with a payment request link.

3. User clicks the link and uploads ID to our system for KYC requirements. (If not already done) This will automatically create an account for the user. 

4. Our call centre staff 24/7 checks the ID and approve it manually.

5. Once approved, the user receives an email with payment information and a unique reference number.

6. User makes the transfer (Including the unique reference number) and receives a receipt for the transfer of credit.

7. Business account user is informed of the completed transfer.

The digital wallet user is always in control of the process and never is any banking and or credit card information stored on our servers.

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