Refund Policy

Refund Policy

What you need to know about BPAY Refunds
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HowToPay is unable to refund a BPAY transaction.


Unlike Credit cards BPAY is a one way transaction with no real way or option from the bank to refund it. As the customer is identified by the “Customer Reference Number” provided the merchant does not know any of the originating account details.


This was by design of the system to keep Clients personal banking information private from the merchants.


In order to receive a refund the Merchant needs to obtain the banking information of the client and transfer funds back to the client as a direct transfer.  This is not something built into BPAY.


The banks don’t provide any of the originating bank information with BPAY transactions. They are not processed like Credit Cards as such have no such refund process is built in. We don’t know the information to send the money back to and the data file from the bank is a one way process.


As such we are unable to support any BPAY refund request. Funds will have already been sent on to the merchant and its up to the Client and Merchant to directly resolve any refund request.


Please note HowToPay is a payment Processor. As such we are unable to assist with any issues between the Client and the Merchant. Should you be having difficulties we suggest clients to contact merchants directly and fully document the issue and suggest a resolution that would be acceptable.


Clients are advised not to make any payment if they are unsure of what they will be receiving in writing and have conducted their own independent investigations. HowToPay provides no goods or services to the clients. We simply provide a software solution between the banks and the Merchants to conduct business transactions. HowToPay is not aware of any arrangement etc between the Client and the Merchant. 

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