Kingdom of Thailand Cambodia expansion

Kingdom of Thailand Cambodia expansion

Thailand and Cambodia Payments
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HowToPay in partnership with Confidia have continued Asia Expansion into Thailand and Cambodia.


With the assistance of local government and banks in the Asian area HowToPay has continued its expansion now announcing that it is setting up operations in 2020 in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

In January 2020 the Ministry of Finance in the Kingdom of Thailand announced its support for the company under BOI privilege.

This bring faster Cashless Mobile Payments and international transfers to the local countries. This also allows international ecommerce businesses access to the cash driven local Asian markets.

Its common in Thailand and Cambodia for locals not to have a Credit Card and or Bank account. They are used to making cash payments at local convenience stores and other retail outlets.

CEO and founder Mr Cameron McKean has over 20 years experience in trading in the local Asian area originally from Sydney Australia. 

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