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Global Payments with

How To Pay now accepting payments in UK and USA
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UPDATE: We are now accepting Payments in the UK and USA.

As we informed last month, this year in 2020 we are greatly expanding our global reach to include more payment options in more countries.

As of today business accounts with clients in the UK and USA can now ask us to enable payment options to be included in the current Payment Request emails.

Existing Business users don’t need to change anything.

The existing API and Emails sent to clients will simply show the additional payment options.

The good think about Bank Transfers in the UK and USA is that we can now accept higher volumes and with less problems than Credit Card payments.

Feel free to talk to us about your needs and if you would like to trial any of the new payment options.

We also offer iDEAL Payments in Europe and will soon offer business users an IBAN number. In addition to this we will be offering European SEPA payments. 

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