Better options to Credit Card payments

Better options to Credit Card payments

Why Customer Initiated Payments are replacing Credit Cards
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The fact is Credit Card Fraud is on the rise and always will be due to the way Credit Cards operate. So as long as somebody with your Credit Card details can TAKE money any time they like the system is not secure.


Many have accepted this thinking better options dont exist. But thats simply not true anymore.


The solution to Credit Card fraud is to move to Customer Initiated Payments. This means the Customer SENDS the money rather than the seller or business TAKING it.


As the Buyer is in control of the transaction process having the payment details is of no use or value. The solution truly is that easy but you must remember how long we have been using Credit Cards. This was long before we Mobile Phones let alone smart phones connected to the internet.


How To Pay has been assisting small businesses make the move to alternative payment options for over 10 years and with great success. Payments via our many different alternatives to Credit Cards have in fact increased not decreased over that time.


Options that have become popular in Australia are:


1.      BPAY Using online and telephone banking.

3.      POLi - from online using your Online Banking.

4.      BITCOIN New Digital Money easily converted to cash in your regular bank account.


For many reasons Credit Cards are not the correct solution for all businsses despite popular belief. With an ageing population, here in Australia few customers feel safe giving their Credit Card details in fear of being scammed or much worse.


New businesses seeking new clients that offer payments via Australia Post, BPAY and such are seen as local and more stable reputable businesses to do business with. This brings a higher level of trust to the buyer who is then more likely to transact with a seller as they are able to make a payment at the Local Post office or with online banking without the need to give a stranger their credit card information.


Additional benefits to the business are less fees for processing the transactions and greater security from charge backs. Credit Card fraud also affects a business with many dealing with stolen credit cards being used to by goods online and then later finding the money is charged back. This has resulted in millions in losses for small business. It is becoming quite common for Travel Agents and others with larger amounts to request payment via BPAY or Cash to not only avoid the fees involved but to also protect against charge backs.


You can signup to online in minutes and commence sending out Payment Requests to your customers. Its free to join and become a business user with HowToPay and we have an experienced team here ready to support you.

 UPDATE: Now including POLi 

For more information feel free to email [email protected] or call our call centre.



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